We’ve thought long and hard about the
way we do business.

We are committed to being a principled agency with a clear vision and a solid mission.
You can put us to the test.


Our vision

Our vision is of a communications firm that offers leading edge knowledge and proven strategies at the forefront of the profession. We partner with our clients to produce quality solutions that work.

Our mission

Focus Communications is a business consulting firm providing public and media relations, marketing and communications services to clients in all sectors.

Our values
  • Respect, trust and integrity

  • Open, honest communication with clients and employees

  • The standards of communications, marketing and public relations

  • The Codes of Ethics of IABC and CPRS

  • Partnership and collaboration with clients and with other service providers

Our operating principles
  • We are creative problem solvers.

  • Within legal and ethical boundaries, we never say no.

  • We never miss a deadline.

  • We will endeavour to provide the best advice, solutions and tools based on our knowledge and experience, and research capabilities.

  • We respect the client’s knowledge of his/her industry and will work together to produce the best solutions for each issue or opportunity.

  • We will respect the confidentiality of information provided to us by our clients.

  • We will contribute to the profession, offering our advice, training, expertise and knowledge through professional associations, educational institutions and other opportunities.

  • We will have the upmost respect for all projects by submitting our best work.

  • We will meet a challenge head on.

  • We will work to sustain mutual respect with our clients.

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