com-mu-ni-ca-tions: noun the profession of conveying and receiving information to and from your target audiences via particular channels with the intent of affecting specific results.


mar-ket-ing: noun the action or business of promoting and selling your products or services.

Public Relations

pub-lic re-la-tions: noun the profession of building and maintaining of relationships, mutual lines of communication, understanding and favourable opinion between your organization and the public.

Social Media

so-cial me-di-a: noun electronic communication tools (websites and applications) that allow you to create, share and exchange information and media with your online community.

Graphic Design

graph-ic de-sign: noun the art of visual communication using design elements like graphics and typography to convey information and create an effect.

Web Design

web de-sign: noun production and maintenance of websites.

Event Planning & Management

e-vent plan-ning: noun the application of project management principles to the creation and development and execution of your event.

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